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The Next Step

Here at the Beis Midrash of West Hempstead, we’re preparing for our most important fundraiser of the year. 


The campaign is entitled “The Next Step,” and the money raised from this campaign will go directly towards moving into our new building and expanding the important work we do for the community.

You are reading this because you believe strongly that every Jew needs a place to learn Torah. 


You recognize what The Beis Medrash of West Hempstead has done for the community and how they are on the brink of finishing their new mikdash me’at.


And today, we’re asking you to take the next step.


The next step into our makom tefilla, into a warm kehilla, into chavrusas and chaburas. Into the brand new Beis Medrash of West Hempstead.




What's Happening

On February 4th, we’re launching a 36-hour crowdfunding campaign hosted by CauseMatch. Our campaign goal is to raise $150,000 by 10 PM on the 5th.

How YOU Can Help

Commit to raising $1,000 for us. We will provide you with template emails, WhatsApp messages, and call scripts that you can use to ask your friends, family, colleagues, and vendors to donate to this vital cause. 

How to Sign Up

Please fill out a commitment form to become an ambassador by clicking the sign up button below. Thank you in advance for stepping up and heeding the call when needed. Your continued support does not go unnoticed!

By becoming an Ambassador, you become a leader of this movement. Beyond raising money for this campaign, you will energize our community of supporters and grab a share of our mission!

Special Fundraising Raffle
Mazal tov to our winner!

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